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About Us

“Preparation of meat from heart of Transylvania,
no additives, no dyes, no preservatives, and recommended for children too.”

The Benedek family founded their meat processing business in 2008 under the brand name Benedek. The company's activity in the food sector was exceptional. As the developing trend showed that people are increasingly leaning toward a healthy diet, the family started another business in 2012, at a location where a slaughterhouse has been operating in Gheorgheni since 1977. Our tasty Székely falat products are being manufactured here ever since. In addition to pork (including Mangalica) products, there are also specialties made from poultry, horse meat, sheep, beef and game. As it is very important for us to maintain the health of our consumers and their families, we only manufacture products without additives or preservatives, using traditional cold smoking. Initially, our staff consisted of 45 people, who produced 2,000 kg per day, but as the demand for our products grew, the number of our employees also had to be increased, since in addition to our state-of-the-art machinery, most of the work is still done by diligent hands. Today we have 145 skilled workers producing 5,000-6,000 kg per day, which ensures the livelihood and excellent professional development of many people. Our product range includes salami and sausage varieties, oven-baked specialties, brawn and pâtés, as well as stuffed meats. We also produce seasonal products, such as blood sausages, liver sausages, cooked salamis, Mangalica products, ground meat rolls for grilling. We sell our products on both domestic and export markets. Our singular game products are in great demand: wild boar salami and sausage, venison salami and sausage. It is important to mention that since our Székely Falat products do not contain any gluten, lactose or allergens, they are also safe for our consumers with food allergies or food intolerances. Our products are also well-liked by children, one of the most popular ones being our child-friendly chicken breast Vienna sausage.

Due to the structure of the packaging unit, it has become possible to produce vacuum-packed and gas-packaged, sliced products with a modern and attractive appearance. Our employees slice, pack and deliver the products daily to our retail locations from all over the country, as well as to grocery stores preferring traditional products, in cooperation with our partners. Our consumers can also buy the products at local markets and mobile butcher's shops. We are also present as suppliers of several retail chains: Auchan, Lidl Carrefour, Kaufland, Mega Image, and Remarkt. In terms of exports, we supply significant markets with our traditional butcher's products, which reach consumers in various countries, such as Hungary, England, Germany, Italy and Belgium with the help of our partners. We are proud of our achievements so far, especially of our gold-medal Smoked Mangalica Sausage. We won this prize in 2014 at the Sausage Festival of Csaba, in the foreign dry sausage category of the Dry Sausage competition. Moreover, in 2019, also at the Sausage Festival of Csaba, in the Foreign category of the International Dry Sausage Competition we ranked 3rd with our Homemade Spicy Sausage. We have always paid attention to the fact that meeting consumer expectations, complying with legal requirements, food safety, hygiene and environmental regulations, as well as with ethical and moral standards are prerequisites for a successful operation. Our company also guarantees consumer confidence through the quality assurance systems and food safety standards used all around Europe, holding the highest level professional and quality assurance certificates, as in 2018 our company was successful in obtaining an IFS Certificate.

As one of the outstanding brands in Szeklerland, we have a responsibility toward our consumers, for whom our products are destined, as well as toward our environment and the community in which we operate. We take great care to ensure that our products are always the tastiest and that they invariably meet the highest quality standards, to thank our consumers for their trust in our products. We endeavour to continually expand our product range and even to create demand thanks to our forward-looking strategy, with our innovative product ideas. We remain committed to the overall improvement of the quality of meat products and to the maximum satisfaction of consumer needs in terms of taste. We will continue to regard the future with this forward-looking approach, keeping in mind continuous improvement. Our goal is for our products to become known and consumed as widely as possible in both the domestic and the foreign markets.

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About Us

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